Cooling water

Tjeldbergodden is the only on-shoring location for natural gas in Norway which has the facilities to make use of the resources on a large scale and industrial use of the cooling water in maritime production.

As the temperature of the cooling water increases from 6 to 18 degrees after heat exchange in the methanol production, the cooling water is imbued with heat energy equivalent to 200 MW, which is the yearly equivalent of 1,6 TWh.

This is as much as 1% of Norways yearly total production of electricity!


TBU is the owner of the industrial area called the Biopark, in addition to the infrastructure which transports the cooling water from the methanol plant to the Biopark.

The activities in the Biopark pay a tariff to make use of the infrastructure surrounding the cooling water, while the use of the cooling water itself is free of charge.

Njord Salmon AS produces around 2,5 million post-smolt per year. Additionally they have in periods had trial production of the louse-eating fish ballan wrasse. Based on good results, Njord Salmon has applied for license to produce 2 million ballan wrasse per year.

Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk AS produces and delivers lumpfish for the fish farmers along the Trøndelags-coast. The company has as of today license for production of 2 million lumpfish per year and is owned by Måsøval Fish farming, Refsnes Salmon and More Innovation.

Additionally Salmar Settefisk AS uses cooling water from the Biopark in its production of smolt in Kjørsvikbugen.