Tjeldbergodden receives natural gas from the Heidrun field in the Norwegian Sea via the gas pipe Haltenpipe.

Todays capacity of Haltenpipe is ca. 2,2 billion Sm3 per year, of which the methanol plant uses approximately 1/3.

Methanol plant

The methanol plant at Tjeldbergodden is Europes largest and also the most energy efficient methanol plant in the world.

The plant produces over 900 000 tons of methanol per year, and the methanol is transported by ship to various customers, mainly in Europe but also other places around the world.

In scenic environments with good port conditions and short distance to Europe, the methanol plant is a stable and efficient provider for its clients.

Owners: Statoil 81,7%, ConocoPhillips 18,3%

Natural gas reception facilities

Connected to the methanol plant is a natural gas reception facility which receives natural gas from Heidrun. In the reception facility the pressure of the gasse is reduced from 120-170 bar to 50 bar, and the temperature increased to ca. 50°C before passing it along to the methanol plant.

Owners: Statoil (76,6 %), ConocoPhillips (18,3 %) and ENI Norge (5,1 %).

Gas factory

The gas factory at Tjeldbergodden is the largest in Scandinavia and was constructed as a consequence of the establishment of the methanol plant. The gas factory produces 400 000 tons of oxygen, 70 000 tons of argon and 18 000 tons of nitrogen. The gas which is not used by the production plants at Tjeldbergodden is delivered to external customers by truck.

Owners: Statoil 50,9%, AGA 37,8%, ConocoPhillips 11,3%


In 2017 the production of LNG at Tjeldbergodden was restarted to supply customers in Midt-Norge. Yearly production is about 12 000 tons of LNG.

Owner: AGA 100 %